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Tracking down conspiracy

Conspi Hunter

Spicee exclusively offers an original 42-minute documentary that features a thorough analysis of the mechanisms and intricacies of the conspiracy sphere. This documentary answers a citizen’s agenda at a time when it is essential to provide the public (especially the youngest) tools of analysis in order to avoid the traps set on the Internet. The idea of such a documentary came up after 2015 Charlie Hebdo attack. At the time, while thousands of French people were marching for democracy, all sorts of rumors and insane theories were invading the Internet. They were all defending the same idea: “the truth is hidden from us”. In other words, the dramatic attacks that affected Paris would only be a series of manipulations. You could for example see headlines such as: “the government organized it all”, “no policeman was killed during the attacks” or “the Israeli secret services were the ones that pulled the strings”. All of these theories were relayed by websites that support conspiracy theories. These websites count several thousands visitors per month.
Of course, the first victims of this disinformation are young people who look for information mainly on the Internet. As the rumors of a constant conspiracy were blowing up, Spicee has decided to counteract, the idea of “Conspi Hunter” was born.
Our ambition was to provide decoding methods and tools to track down, understand and deconstruct conspiracy theories and thus guard against this plague. In order to hit hard and to unveil the intricacies of the conspiracy sphere, we have conceived a unique object, an exclusive experience that approach scientific and journalistic goals. We invented a conspiracy theory and made a movie out of it. This is the conspiracy that we invented : “AIDS was invented in the 60’s by the USA to fight the Castro revolution in Cuba. As the virus was spreading in the island, the US government decided to impose an embargo against Cuba. Today, the political relationships between the 2 countries are getting better. Why? Simply because Cuba’s extremely skilled doctors have found a vaccine against AIDS. And of course, the US government wants to get it to empower the US pharmaceutical sector with this breakthrough innovation ”. Obviously, we launched the story on the Internet. This was the best way for us to observe in real-time how this theory propagated, which channel it used, and who was hiding behind the publicity from which it benefited. Only 3 weeks after the broadcast, our conspiracy theory had been viewed 10 000 times on Youtube and shared more than a 1000 times on Facebook. It was also picked up and put forward by two of the major francophone conspiracy websites “Réseau International” and “Wikistrike” (1 million of unique visitors per month each). We have submitted the results of our investigations and observations to indisputable experts on the subject and we transformed this experience into a completely original documentary. The conclusions of this documentary are amazingly enlightening.