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Tomorrow is gonna be ok.

“They’re bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists”. Never has a community been subjected to such violent and repeated attacks from a President of the United States. This community whose name is being dragged through the mud is that of the Latinos. A target of Donald Trump, as he promised to build a wall between Mexico and the US.
Worse, the spirited Donald has also announced that he wants to revoke DACA, a law passed by his predecessor in the White House, which gives illegal Mexican and Latino minors the right to stay and work or study in the US. Trump wants to send 800,000 of these young immigrants back to their country.

Jerry, 53 years old, has decided to fight against this tragedy. He was born in East Los Angeles, the biggest Latino neighbourhood in the City of Angels. 7 years ago this building contractor, who spent time in prison for acts of violence, created THE GARAGE, with his wife Patty. A skate school, open to all kids in East L.A., where there’s only condition for entry: doing your homework! With his charity Skate for Educate, he came up with an ingenious points system : if the kids have good grades, they get the chance to go to skate competitions, to win skateboards, clothes...

Skating is, evidently, a clever and effective pretext for providing a framework of support, and offering a future to these kids, aged between 8 and 18 years old, who have been abandoned by their parents and courted by the gangs that still rule over certain neighbourhoods.

For the first time, you will dive into the heart of this reserved and closed community, through portraits of Cricri, the quiet one, to whom skating offers a way out of his gloomy everyday life; Cholo, the ex-dealer who, thanks to THE GARAGE, has just started university; Kevin, the only American in his family, whose sister and parents are under threat of being sent back to Mexico; and finally Sharkie, the most talented skater, but who is struggling to get off drugs.
When they walked through the front door of THE GARAGE for the first time, Jerry promised them all : “Don’t worry, tomorrow is gonna be okay”.
A moving documentary, helped by elegant and discreet camerawork, somewhere between Larry Clark and Depardon. At the centre of this merry band, Jerry and Patty, driven by their unshakeable faith, show every day that with very little you can accomplish great things.

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